Feel the Excitement in Lonely Planet of Indonesia

Indonesia tourism is wonderful as we can see that Papua has a lot of diversity in vegetation, animals, tribes and cultures. We can have full of adventure while visiting Papua as we can do a lot of activities, see the view and enjoy the culture. Papua is one of bigger Islands in Indonesia consisting of some provinces which have different natural attractions and cultures. If we want to go to Papua, we should pick one of places to stay. We cannot go around in only one day even a week. Exploring Papua will spend a lot of days and months. Papua well-known as lonely planet has some touristic places to go.

Manokwari is one of the regencies in Papua which has beautiful views and beaches. We can find types of birds here. The birding sites to see various birds are located in Arfak Mountains and Manokwari rainforest. Another interested part of Manokwari is that we can see cuscus possum, the special famous animal from papua in Warmarway. Trekking is what you can do to feel the adventure in Arfak Mountains taking you around 3 hours to see the night life of animals.

The most famous in Papua which a lot of people want to go is Raja Ampat. This destination is so expensive that only some people have visited. Raja Ampat has a beautiful view of ocean with blue light color and it is the natural habitat of types of fish and other under the sea creatures. Raja Ampat has beautiful corals where a lot of fish live. It is a good spot for people who love snorkeling and diving. They can see God’s miracle here.

Jayapura, the capital city of Papua has beautiful places to visit. Even though it is not a busy city like Jakarta or Bali, the area is surrounded by natural attractions like lakes, beaches and rainforests. Love Lake in Jayapura attracts people to see because of the unique shape it has. Besides, Mount Jayawijaya is here covered by snows at the peak embracing the city more beautiful.

Biak is the smallest city in Papua. Located in Cendrawasih Bay, Biak is surrounded by reefs and corals. Therefore, a lot of caves are here and those natural views interest people to see and trek in the caves. Padaido beach in Biak populates a lot of species corals and fish, like sharks and octopus. Biak is more traditional town than others in Papua. It shows that Indonesia tourism is rich with natural scenery and animals.

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